Helping Injured Animals

Our “Good Sam Fund” was created to help injured animals that are not owned by anyone and found in distress by Good Samaritans. We can’t help every animal and there is not always a happy ending but it allows us to make a difference once in awhile. The “Good Sam Fund” is funded by wonderful clients that give their spare change, a dollar, five or even twenty dollars.

We keep a special “Good Sam” account. 100% of the donations given to us are put into that account. We appreciate each and every client that has donated money to this fund, every penny counts.

This is a great story of how our “Good Sam Fund” can save a life. “Henry” was found by a client of ours. When she brought him in, it appeared that his leg was broken, possibly hit by a car. Upon closer examination he had a very nasty puncture wound, a very badly broken leg and in poor health.

The thing I remember most, he had such a wonderful personality, and no matter what we did to him he was a team player. He was a very young kitten when he came to us. After treating his leg for over a week the doctors decided to amputate. He lived in our break room during his treatment and stayed with us. We quickly realized after the amputation he wasn’t going to let this slow him down.

During his recovery we gave him a very small stuffed animal for which he carried with him everywhere, especially to bed! When it came time for him to be adopted we were all very hopeful that he would find a wonderful home. Well, our wish was granted. The aunt of one of our employees fell in love with him. His name is now “Stumpy”.

He has turned out to be the wonderful companion we knew he would. He still has his little blue stuffed animal and plays with everything in the house. What an awesome cat that came to us for a reason.